Our Awesome Staff!

We are blessed by the excellence of each person on our team!

Melissa Bailey, MS, LMHC                      CCIP Counselor/Therapist

Melissa Brennan, LMSW                          TFP Project Manager

Allison Bergamo, MS, NCC                      CCIP Counselor/Therapist

Scott Cameron, MS                                   CCIP Counselor/Therapist/PARC Coordinator

Jenna Chornobil, LMSW, CASAC            TFP Team Leader

Kimberly Davis, MS, MHC-LP                 TFP Counselor/Case Manager

Alicia Diehl, MS, NCC                             CCIP & PARC Counselor

Dcn. Peter S. Dohr, MA                            Executive Director

Cynthia Edmondson                                  CCIP Counselor/Therapist

Susanna Guarino, MS, MHC                     TFP Counselor/Case Manager

Andrea Herbert, MSW                              DAS/PINS Intensive Case Manager

Allison Huff, LMSW                                 College Bound Coordinator

Dcn. Greg Kiley                                        Justice & Peace Coordinator

Enjoli Lyon                                               TFP Admin

Jalise Muñoz, MS, LMHC                         TFP Team Leader

Lindy Powers, M.Ed                                 TFP Community Educator

Inga Rojas, LCSW–R                                Director of Clinical Services

Cathy Thiell-Kamp                                   TFP Admin/Community Relations Specialist

Sandy A. Thomas                                     Admin/Community Resources Coordinator

Sharon VanLiew, MS                                Senior PINS Case Manager

Janalee Weaver, MS, NCC, LMHC           CCIP Counselor/Therapist

Caitlin Whitcomb, LCSW                          TFP Counselor/Case Manager

Teresa Welch, M.S. Ed., NCC, CCPT        CCIP Counselor/Therapist