PARC (Positive Attitude and Responsible Citizen)

he PARC program is designed to work in collaboration with school districts to promote a safe and respectful learning environment that encourages students to be responsible, empathetic and tolerant of others. The goal of the program is to decrease bullying behaviors among children and teens in academic, social and community settings while developing good character and social responsibility. PARC emphasizes that a positive social culture enhances the mental health of children, improves their ability to remain in school and prepares them to become responsible, fair adults.

PARC is currently available for all students and members of the PAL-MAC community.

Palmyra-Macedon School District:                                          Grades K-8

Services Provided:

  • Assist in establishing a positive and social culture within the school district.
  • Focus on bullying prevention, assisting students in coping with bullying behaviors, teaching diversity, developing an anonymous reporting system
  • Increasing parental and community awareness and implementing an effective school-wide and classroom behavior system
  • Provision of groups which focus on awareness of self and others, empathy, social skills and coping mechanisms

Primary School

  • Weekly groups that focus on developing self-awareness as well as self-awareness to surrounding environment and self-soothing techniques
  • Provides students with empathy and pro-social skill development

Intermediate School

  • All students in the Intermediate school grades 3-5 participate in weekly groups that emphasize on self- awareness, empathy, and tolerance. Through discussion, reflection and activities students will continue to strengthen pro-social skills
  • Provides skills to promote and foster healthy relational development as well as prevent relational aggression in the community, homes and schools
  • Provides students with individual coping skills and conflict resolution

Middle School

  • Provide counseling services for identified students who are victims of bullying, exhibit bullying behaviors and supportive services for their families


  • PARC has identified and implemented SAFE ZONES with local businesses and organizations in an effort to deter bullying within identified communities
  • PARC has also partnered in school and community events such as: Literacy Night, Halloween Event and Parent University
  • Sponsors the Remember to Play Event that takes place throughout Wayne County

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